A country to suit all tastes.

Athens was my home for five months – it actually felt like home. Greece is friendly and welcoming. A country oozing beauty, its past present all around. This land’s heritage is tied up with its people and their lovely, good-natured temperament. It is thanks to my colleagues that I got to know the city of Athens and the country the way I did. They offered their advice, they showed me around and, most importantly, they were there for me from the very first moment. And now, dear reader, I have the pleasure of sharing with you through this guide all I have learned about this beautiful country.

Spend your time in Athens to get lost through the little streets of Monastiraki, amongst the cafés and the folk art shops, and let the Acropolis enchant you and awaken your senses leaving you in awe. Start your day on Lycabettus Hill to enjoy a breathtaking sunrise, then finish it off with the sunset colors at the cape of Sounion. But if you want more than just the capital of the Hellenic Republic, then don’t miss out the region of Peloponnese or the inland mountains such as the natural formation in Meteora which will leave you truly speechless. When it comes to the islands, I recommend any of the islands of the Dodecanese – there is something special about each one of them.

The guide “Atenas en el bolsillo” aims to help you as you are finding your way through a large country which you will definitely want to revisit. Bon voyage!

Ana Belén López Tárraga
Spanish journalist