Attiki Bee Culturing Co.

Meli Attiki iTQi award 2017


Attiki Bee Culturing Co.

Attiki Bee Culturing Co.– Alexandros Pittas S.A. is a family-run company that first started producing premium Greek honey in 1928 and was the first to launch packaged branded honey in Greece, under the brand Attiki. Honey is our passion, and we dedicate ourselves to carefully selecting the finest honey Greece can offer. Our bees enjoy more sunshine and feed on wild flowers, trees, thyme and 1,000 types of herb not found anywhere else. Attiki is Greece’s favorite honey, admired throughout the world and most awarded Greek honey (it has received 24 international quality, taste & packaging awards). Coming straight from the beehive, Attiki honey gives you all the health benefits of numerous compounds essential for your body. Enjoy Attiki Honey drizzled on yogurt, ice-cream or fruit; use it to add richness and depth to savory dishes; or try it in the traditional Mediterranean way, as a natural sweetener in tea or milk. Additionally, apart of Greek honey in Attiki Bee Culturing Co. we love traditional Greek flavors. We have extended our product range and we offer products such as jams (with no preservatives and no colorants), halva only with Greek honey (no sugar) and classic halva, tahini (sesame paste) with Greek honey and plain tahini (sesame paste), tahini (sesame paste) with Greek honey and hazelnut paste, tahini (sesame paste) with Greek honey and cocoa, loukoumi, vanilla and masticha sweets.

ATTIKI Bee Culturing Co.

Alexandros Pittas S.A.
9 Protomagias, 14568 Kryoneri Attica
Τ: (+30) 210 575 1896-8, (+30) 210 571 1721
F: (+30) 210 571 7113

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