Dear guest friend,

It is our main priority to create many modern sports facilities in the country, which will offer safe physical training conditions to athletes and visitors,while at the same time will be a pole of attraction for major sports events, contributing to the strengthening of sports tourism in the country. Our goal for the visitor is, regardless of the part of Greece he chooses to stay, to have the possibility of an easy and direct access to modern and safe sports facilities.

The major sport venues under the administration of the Ministry of Culture and Sport / General Secretariat of Sport, are a point of reference for the country. The largest sports venue in our country, is the Olympic Athletic Center of Athens (Greek acronym: O.A.Κ.A.), where the heart of the 2004 Olympic and Paralympic Games was beating, and, for the first time in 17 years is being upgraded and renovated, attracting thousands of visitors on a daily basis. You can visit,the Olympic Sport Complex (O.A.Κ.A.), which is next to the newly inaugurated Olympic Museum, in which one can have a clear view of the history and heritage of the Olympic Games.

For those who will visit the wonderful places of Heraklion, Crete, it is definitely a must to have a close look at the modern sports facilities of the National Sports Center of Heraklion (Greek acronym: E.A.K.H.), with its exquisite surrounding area of the Eleftheria stadium, as well as the modern swimming pool and indoor gym in Lido.

I warmly wish your visit to the beautiful parts of our country be full of unique experiences – recreational and sporting activities – as well as rich memories and experiences, which will become a beautiful part of your life.

Yours sincerely,

Lefteris Avgenakis
Deputy Minister of Culture & Sports