City of Athens

Dear all,

Athens has begun its journey toward sustainability and accessibility. I am proud to welcome you at this important moment in our history.

You already know that Athens has one of the most beautiful promenades in Europe linking some of the world’s most recognizable monuments and museums.

Today, we are working to restore the fabric of the city by connecting all our 129 neighborhoods, expanding sidewalks, repairing our urban lungs, and adding new green spaces.

We are especially focused on the outdoors and what Athenians might call their “quality of life.” Imagine attending a performance in a neighborhood park, a day trip to the sea, and dinner under the Acropolis. Recently this Athenian outlook has been inspiring digital nomads to make Athens part of their story.

Our visitors’ guide online at includes insights and events designed to help visitors see more of Athens, including routes designed especially for people with visual and mobility impairments.

Soon, you’ll see more of our urban landscape on the big screen thanks to the Athens Film Office and dozens of productions that have come to Athens over the last year.

The time has come to reconnect with our urban spaces. This is the moment for Athens.

Best wishes.