Attica: A unique global all year-round destination

It is difficult to cover all aspects of Attica as a tourist destination in a few lines. The uniqueness of this place is mirrored by the sense of fulfilment felt by the traveller who has lived in Attica, even for a short while, spoke with the people of Attica, “disappeared” in its hidden trails and said farewell to it being certain that she/he will return at the first opportunity to experience a new landscape, a landscape that only Attica can offer: both new and old, traditional and innovative. A unique landscape in all respects.

Attica is able to pleasantly surprise even the most demanding visitor who seeks unique life experiences, since it combines, in an original way, unparalleled history, culture and natural beauty. Thus, Attica is the perfect getaway not only for short breaks and business trips but for convention tourism, gastronomy, culture, water sports / sports tourism and hiking tours as well. These strong experiences are priorities of our international tourism promotion campaign and we aim to consolidate the metropolitan area of Athens as a diverse destination that offers 365 days a year a special and multi-faceted tourism product.

We have been implementing the Strategic Action Plan for the Tourism Promotion of the Attica Region (2016 – 2020) in a targeted and efficient way, overcoming stereotypes and promoting all 66 Municipalities of Attica.

This is an area encompassing a vast seafront up to the port of Piraeus and further to the nearby Saronic islands. Other distinct destinations include, among others, the medieval villages of Kythera and Antikythera, mysterious Eleusis, the ancient mines of Lavrion, the spas of Methana, and the environmentally-rich areas of Penteli, Hymettus and Parnitha.

At the same time, the contemporary cultural scene of Attica is particularly interesting, as it includes important international festivals, exhibitions, concerts and theatre performances organized by public and private cultural institutions and organizations.

With these thoughts in mind, we invite you to visit Attica for yet another year and look forward to welcoming you to a unique place offering unique experiences.
Whether it be the Attica light, its unique climate or its authentic cultural routes that harmoniously connect the present with the past, Attica has always been, and will always be a universal tourist magnet.

Independent Office of International Affairs
Region of Attica


Attica Regional Governor
Rena Dourou