Greek National Tourism Organisation (GNTO,EOT)

Holidays in Greece, is A life-changing experience


Explore the beauties of mainland Greece!

Greece is a beloved destination and in addition to the more familiar islands, the mainland offers plenty of options for a classic Mediterranean holiday! You’ll find peaceful fishing villages full, old fortified towns and fulfilling cities for your next city break. Visit Greece’s archaeological sites, enjoy its fascinating culture, its spectacular coastline and its picture-perfect scenery! Discover the Peloponnese, where Myth meets history. Visit Macedonia and get acquainted with perfection. Visit the metropolis of the North, Thessaloniki, with an intriguing multi-ethnic history and its arty culture. Enjoy Thessaly, a region of sheer beauty with mountains, rivers, beaches, the popular Plastira Lake, the valley of Tempi, and last but not least the most photogenic spiritual site in Greece, Meteora. Visit Thrace, an area of amazing natural beauty, a land where Greek legends wants it to be the mythical home of Orpheus. Explore Central Greece, known as Roumeli, Visit the archaeological site of Delphi and the Oracle of God Apollo, picturesque seaside towns of Galaxidi and Itea, as well as beautiful Nafpaktos of great historical importance. Don’t miss Epirus, located between the Pindos mountain range and the Ionian Sea, and the chance to pay a visit to its archaeological sitescastlesmonasteries, churches and traditional villages. 

Attica is known as one of the major ancient religious centres of Greece, and the Acropolis of Athens was the most important of all. Within a short distance from Athens you will find major archaeological sites and Byzantine monuments around Attica, offering you the option of daily trips to significant sights, such as the Temple of Poseidon in Sounio. From Piraeus, the biggest port of Greece, and one of the most important in the Mediterranean, you can travel by boat to the Aegean Islands. Walk up the Kastella hill and enjoy the panoramic view of the city of Piraeus and the sea.  Visit the Archaeological and Maritime Museums as well as the wonderful Neoclassical Municipal Theatre of Piraeus at the city centre.

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