Greek cuisine


Greek food is tasty and rich in flavour, especially their oven-baked dishes and their exquisite olive oil. Greek cooking features many typical ingredients of the Mediterranean diet, such as garlic, onion, lemon, tomato, cheese, oregano and lots of aromatic spices and herbs.

Typical products:

08-oil Olive oil. The best olive oil comes from Crete, Kalamata and Lesvos Island (Mitilini).
Feta cheese. Fresh goat’s cheese used in salads and other traditional dishes. 09-feta
10-honey Honey. Used to make many desserts. Honey from Crete and Mani’s Peninsula (Peloponese) is renowned for its exquisite quality.
Greek yoghurt. Creamy and dense, it is used in many recipes (tzatziki, for example) and is also enjoyed as a dessert topped with honey and walnuts. 11-yogurt
12-olives Olives. Olives from Kalamata have obtained a well-deserved fame.
Ouzo. One of the most famous drinks in Greece. It is an anise-flavoured aperitif usually taken with appetizers (mezedes). The best ouzos are produced in Lesvos (Mitilini). It can be drunk on its own or diluted in water with ice. 13-ouzo
14-Raki Raki. This drink, originally from Crete, with higher alcohol content than ouzo, is traditionally drunk at the end of the meal.
Beer. Beer is one of the most appreciated drinks by Greeks. Its flavour, refreshing and delicious, makes it the perfect match for all dishes of Greek cuisine, either as an aperitif, during a meal or just to drink at night. The ALPHA beer, a soft blond Lager, is the most popular and you can find it anywhere: both in the mainland and in the Greek islands. Refreshing, satisfying, frothy, this beer is easily drunk and matches perfectly with Greek flavours. It has a smooth aroma and 5% alcohol. >