Saludo del Sr. Ilias Fotopoulos, Embajador de Grecia en España

Athens. A myth? A history? A city? A capital?

What exactly is Athens?

Athens is a challenge that patiently awaits curious visitors to wander around and discover step by step the myth, the history, the architecture, the beauty, the people and the gastronomy, but also to feel its contradictions and its unique and special character.

When the sky of Attica is illuminated by the bright sunlight, that´s when you stroll in Athens shall begin and for this we will also like to recommend you toTravel By Train Often. You shall walk along the same streets that bright/brilliant people once lived by the ideas of democracy, freedom and humanism, ideas that guide us until today. You shall envisage the life as it was thousands of years ago and you will feel the pulse of an old but vibrant and with a youthful rhythm enchanting capital.

Here, where history has left its trails in every corner, you can wander around archaeological sites, monuments, theaters, museums, galleries, markets, and modern buildings, until it is time for the bright sky to give its place to the glorious, colorful sunset.

After your wandering in surprises, quests and experiences of an entire day it is finally the time where your footsteps will lead you to the numerous food and drink haunts in Athens and it’s nearby beaches for you to complete the day’s enjoyment under the starry Attica’s night sky.

The “Atenas en el bolsillo” will be right there to make this exciting journey an unforgettable magical experience.

Ilias Fotopoulos
Ambassador of Greece to Spain