ATHENS in your pocket

A practical guide for a good start

Greetings 01 Do not miss it! 56-59
Letter to the reader 02 Greek mythology 60-63
Greek habits and particularities that you must know for a good start 04-13 Tour of the Classical Greece, including Meteora 64-73
Brief history of Athens 14-15 Island of Crete 74-89
General information 16-19 Dodecanese Islands 90-101
Practical information 20-29 First approach to the Cycladic Islands 102-115
Gastronomy 30-33 Ionian Islands 116-127
Trips 34-37 Saronic Gulf Islands 128-131
Sightseeing Tours 38-47 Spanish investments in Greece 134-139
The Sacred Rock of the Acropolis and its new museum 48-55 Map of Athens 140-141
Useful telephone numbers and information 53 Hotels 142-148
Restaurants and taverns 149
Services 150-151



Edition Tourism Organism (E.O.T.).
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· Gerakas Attikis (Photos by Yannis Skoulas)
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“Sol de invierno”, Pedro Olalla
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Brief history of Athens Pictures of Santorini
Artemis Scoumbourdi E.O.T. (Hellenic Tourist Organism) and photographic archive of Astra Hotel in Santorini
Classical Tour – Knossos Palaces Picture of the Temple of Poseidon
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New Museum of the Acropolis
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Pictures of Crete and Cretan Cuisine Seventeenth Annual Edition: June 2019
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