Dear friends,

I am pleased to welcome you to our Attica, the world metropolis that gave birth to the Western civilization and demonstrated the culture of hospitality since ancient times to the travelers of the world

Attica unfolds its beauty through its modern cosmopolitan style, which highlights the history and monuments of the past, while the whole region invites the visitor to wander in the present:through the multiple artistic events of Athens and the 66 municipalities of the Region, to the endless points of its natural beauty, from the coastline and its islands to the mountains, the monasteries, the local traditional events, as well as the streets of Athens and the islands, which all contribute to the authentic tourist identity of the place.

A place eternal, classical and always modern, a place of joy, of well-being, and inspiration.

Under the clear blue Attica sky, through the routes of taste and senses, the rich gastronomic tradition of healthy Mediterranean diet, the famous wines that Attica produces, through the fun corners of “kefi” that you find everywhere in the region, but also through the so many options of alternative tourism activities, Attica invites you to explore it as an experience, an authentic Wellness Travel experience.

It is our vision to transform Attica with the all-year -round excellent climate, to a Health and Wellness Metropolis, which will offer the visitors the opportunity to return home healed and rejuvenated.

Developments have surpassed our plans this year. The unprecedented pandemic has changed decisively, not only the daily lives of the world’s citizens, but also the concept and profile of Tourism, and Tourism in Attica..For our administration, Covid19 brought Traveler’s Health and Safety in the foreground and we have devoted our efforts to this priority with very encouraging results. And so we keep going, aiming to the best possible health shielding of the Tourists of Attica.

I warmly wish you to safely enjoy your trip to Attica, and take with you when you return back home, alive your happy vacation memories, and Attica’s vivid images, along with the Mind and Body uplift one can sense in Attica land


George Patoulis
Attica Regional Governor