Reál Sangria

For centuries, Sangria is the most famous drink in Spain and traditionally made from Spanish red wine and fruit flavors. It was named after the Spanish word sangre, meaning blood, thanks to its dark red color.

REÁL SANGRIA is Spain’s no1 exported product, and is constantly gaining more and more fans. It is produced and bottled in Spain, one of the most modern wineries on the planet.
REÁL SANGRIA is the undisputed sales leader in the world and with its long presence in Greece has conquered the hearts of the Greeks.

This lightly sweet wine has the color of cherry and perfectly accompanies your every meal. You can drink REÁL SANGRIA without food, but always serve it cold!

PANETTA ENTERPRISES are exclusive agents of REÁL SANGRIA in Greece, and you can search for it in all supermarket chains as well as cellars, restaurants and cafes all over Greece.

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