Region of Central Macedonia

7 Regional Units, 1 GREAT experience, 1 four season destination…
In the northern part of Greece, there are 7 enchanting destinations with unique history and culture, astonishing flora and fauna, cosmopolitan gastronomy and amazing climate and, of course, hospitable people, who will welcome you warmly.

The experience you can live in the Region of Central Macedonia is unmatched by any other… Its 7 Regional Units, (Thessaloniki, Charkidiki, Serres, Kilkis, Pella, Imathia & Pieria), can cover at most all forms of tourism, from the Sun and the Sea to the Gastronomic, Religious, Wine, Film, Medical and Spa Tourism and offer you a GREAT choice throughout the year!

#Sun Sea
Golden beaches that sparkle under the sun, crystal clear waters that invite you to take a dip. The summer in Central Macedonia can only make you relax by the sea.

#City Break
With easy access from any place in Greece, but also abroad, the Region of Central Macedonia offers you ideal places for the City Break that one seeks any season of the year.

Salty and sweet flavors traveling you through time, constituting in themselves a cultural heritage. You can try Constantinople, Pontic, Macedonian and Asia Minor cuisine, while the combination of aromas and flavors will awaken your childhood memories.

# History Culture Pilgrimage
At the crossroad of cultures and history, in the Region of Central Macedonia, you will think that you are entering a time machine that allows you to be mentally transferred to another era. You will walk in the “footsteps” of Paul the Apostle and you will live the authentic and special experience that only a pilgrim of Mount Athos can live.

# Nature Activities
Green slopes, running waters, wild landscapes, caves, forests and gorges. You can experience all this and become one with nature by participating in all kinds of activities. From walking and bird watching to climbing, rafting and skiing, your area offers what you want, when you want it. You only need: Lust for adventure!

In a few words, the Region of Central Macedonia has all the supplies to offer you, safely, and with all the comforts you could need, a magnificent experience. Do not hesitate to visit it and… “Do something GREAT

Region of Central Macedonia
26th of October 64
Thessaloniki, 54627
T.: (+30) 2313 330918, (+30) 2313 325449